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Articles appearing in The Baltimore City Paper


7/30/2008 Witting Hairs Sonya Clark Considers Mortality Via The Mammalian Protein That Sprouts From Our Heads
7/16/2008 Yard Scale Another Round of Witty, Impudent Outdoor Works At One of Baltimore's Toniest Addresses
6/25/2008 In The Raw Exploring The Kinetic, Charged World of Fool Period
6/18/2008 Pattern Recognition Reading The Marks in Final Installment of BMA's Heady African Series
5/28/2008 Image Bank The BMA's Mammoth Photography Show Almost Overwhelms
4/30/2008 Cosmos Voyage David Shapiro's Works Metaphorically Explore The Sky Above, The Ground Below
4/16/2008 Road to Nowhere Ceci N'est Pas Une Ce
4/2/2008 Bearing Witness Compact, Heady Show Riffs On The Citywide Cography Festival
3/26/2008 Lost in Place Map Shows Locate Us in History and The Cosmos
3/12/2008 Out of The Past Two ists Confront Time's Passing in Two-Woman Show
3/5/2008 Well Coiled Journeying Inside Asa Osborne's Enigmatic Imagery
1/2/2008 Heaven's Gate Drinking in AVAM's Fabulous and Fabulously Prescient Exploration of Beliefs
12/19/2007 Copy, Edit Walters Show Explores Why and How French ists Repeated Themselves
12/12/2007 Rhythm and Hues Parsing Through The BMA's Mammoth Henri Matisse Exhibition
12/5/2007 Enjoying The View Appreciating The Finely Worked Canvases of a Superb Naturalist
11/28/2007 Portraits of a Lady Two ists Examine The Representations of Women in
11/21/2007 Mix Degrees of Separation Another Strong Two-ist Show At The Grimaldis Gallery
10/31/2007 The Searcher Jo Smail Continues Her Journey Into Sublime Subtlety
10/24/2007 Revealing Portraits Beverly McIver's Life Continues To Feed Her Symbolic Landscape
10/24/2007 Solitary Woman in a Glass House: Visual Translations of Emily Dickinson Poems Architecture at its best is an inspiring configuration for the transcendence of the tourist soul. Such is the way of poetry, too. Both fabrications,...
10/3/2007 Her Story Traveling Judy Chicago Show Spotlights The Identities That Shape And Inform Her Work
9/12/2007 Looking Awry Debut Show Offers Moment To Consider What We Look For When We Look At Contemporary Photography
9/5/2007 Dream Catchers Cara Ober And Tung Lo's Mixed-Media Works Cull Imagery From Waking Life
8/22/2007 Being and Becoming Compact, Heady Show Tries To Suggest How A Sculptor Became A Master
8/15/2007 Tag Party Little Scratches Grow Up In This Vibrant Street Show
8/8/2007 Storytellers Strong Showing From A Trio Of MICA Graduates
7/11/2007 Ordinary Peoples Prize Finalists Explore The Persnickety Conditions Of Being Human
7/4/2007 Pattern Recognition Legendary Quilts From Gee's Bend, Ala., Finally Visit Baltimore
6/20/2007 Letting Loose A Triumvirate Of ists Explores The Supposedly Unsuppressed
5/30/2007 Critical Paths MAP's Annual Residency Program Offers A Nuanced Chance To Look At The Thinking That Shapes Looking
5/16/2007 Patterns Recognition M. Jordan Tierney Reconfigures Objects And Ideas In Her Mixed-Media Works
5/2/2007 Behind the Masks BMA Series Encourages Us To Think About Traditional African As Cogently As We Do Western
4/25/2007 In the Raw Raoul Middleman's Subject Matter Has Changed Over The Years, But Not His Acute Eye For Tension
4/18/2007 Joyce J. Scott: Breathe At Goya Contemporary through April 20
4/18/2007 Matthew Kern At Gallery Imperato through April 28
3/21/2007 Never Forget At Freedom's Door Reminds Viewers That Slavery's Cultural Chains Haven't Been Completely Unshackled
2/28/2007 Baltimore Clayworks Baltimore Clayworks' transcendent teapot show was not be missed. One hundred ceramic examples of those icons of polite high society are on display, sp...
2/21/2007 Illuminating Manuscripts Jan van Toorn Sprinkles Politics Onto The Page Through His Design Decisions
2/14/2007 Time's Arrow Group Photography Eloquently Captures The Mercurial Glimmers Of Changes
2/7/2007 Winter's Tale East Meets West In Vibrant, Intelligent Cultural-Crossing Two-Person Show
1/24/2007 Interval Affairs Group Show Dances In The Physical And Emotional Spaces In Between ists' Fundamental Marks
1/17/2007 Everything Is Illuminated Exhibit Looks At Role Of Light In African From Day To Night And In Between
12/27/2006 Creature Comforts Latest Visionary Show Celebrates The Wonderful, Horrible Fragility Of Living In Our Own Skins
12/13/2006 The Layers Club Five ists Achieve Strong, Various Works In Process-Oriented Show
12/6/2006 Through the Looking Glass Jeanne Gentry Keck's Paintings Refracts Through A Prism Of Excoriating Realism And Loaded Abstraction
11/29/2006 In Bold Blood Jordan Eagles’ Media Inform The Messages In His Accomplished Paintings
11/15/2006 Con Air Listless Exhibition Of Potentially Mercurial Kites Hung Like Wet Washcloths
11/8/2006 The Big Sleek Industrial Designer Raymond Loewy Practically Defined Consumer Goods American Modernism
11/1/2006 Patronage of Beauty George Lucas' Extensive Collection Gets Feted In All Its Idiosyncratic Glory
10/18/2006 Now and Then Getting A Handle On Modernism By Parsing Through One Of Its Proto-Practitioners
10/11/2006 Here's the Thing Twinned Photography Exhibits Reconsider Objects' Thingness
10/4/2006 She's So Cold But She's Beautiful--And Hopefully That's Enough In New Survey Of Contemporary Photography
9/13/2006 Smile... You're On Somebody's Camera In Fascinating Three-Person Show
9/6/2006 Know/Doubt Short-Lived Show Imaginatively Explores The Whats And Whys Of How We Know What It Is We Think We Know
8/23/2006 In Cold Blooded The Young ists In Splotch Were Just Made For Surviving These Uncertain Times